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Manufactured to meet the most rigorous standards, our products are completely self-contained systems that require no expensive computers or software for support.  Simple to install in any vestibule setting, they provide the customer with a highly durable and complete access control system.

MSLR1 - Basic ATM - Synergistics Premier Banking's MSLR1 ATM vestibule card access control system is the most widely accepted vestibule access system in the world. Over 100,000 installations prove its rugged reliability day in and day out, year in and year out.










ATM3 - with BIN Tables - ATM3 is a card access system that limits ATM vestibule access to a user defined list of Bank Identification Numbers (BINs) stored as a table in the memory of the ATM3 controller. Data for the BIN table is entered from a keypad located on the operators control panel of the controller. Up to 1000 BINs may be entered into the table.

ATMA - with BIN Tables - Synergistics Premier Banking's ATMA vestibule card access control system is a card access system designed to meet the requirements of New York City's Local Law 70 which limit's ATM vestibule access to cards issued by banks. To download New York City's Local Law 70 ATA rules - click here

ATMNA Network - with BIN Tables - Real Time Market Intelligence - The new ATMNA Card Access Network System product line revolutionizes the ability to maintain your ATM system while enhancing your abilities to collect information about your customers and usage of the ATM and deliver it to you in real time.



















ATM3 Readers
Entry Kit
Insert Readers 5 x 7
Insert Readers Flush 1 x 4
Insert Readers Flush 3 x 5
Insert Readers Post
Insert Surface Mount
Prox Cards
Prox Readers
Swipe Reader Surface Pole
Swipe Readers Flush Mounted
Swipe Readers Flush Narrow
Swipe Readers Flush Narrow
Swipe Readers Various


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